Vland Vaccine

Qingdao Biological Products Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Vland Biotech Group guided by the simple principles of improving animal health and quality of life. As such, the company focuses on the production of animal vaccines and biological products. Through innovative R&D techniques and strict quality management, the company strives to continue developing high-quality vaccines which provide comprehensive immunization solutions and ensure animal health. As an assurance of strict quality standards, QBPC’s R&D laboratory has also been certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Poultry Live Vaccine

    The company’s prophylactic poultry live vaccines are used by major farming groups and enterprises across China. Vaccines which prevent Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis for example, perform very well in the domestic market.

Poultry Inactivated Vaccine

    Our inactivated poultry vaccine products are developed collaboratively with China Agricultural University, Yangzhou University and other research institutes. These vaccine strains are concentrated by way of ultrafiltration to deliver effective solutions and offer a broad spectrum of protection to domestic poultry farms.


    By using refined antibody extraction techniques, antibodies are reinforced with the maximum amount of immunoglobulin extracted from egg yolk, which in turn provide highly-effective therapeutic effects.

Swine Vaccine

    QBPC’s swine vaccines provide superior immune protection in the face ofcurrent major epidemics. 

Vland is a global diversified company, committed to innovation enzymes, probiotics, vaccines and animal bio-medicine and other fields, and promote the challenge "ecomagination" and "healthymagination" difficult to deal with the world. Innovation comes from the great tradition Vland  mission, biotechnology restore the ecological world. Committed to the development of bio-industry, to create a world-class high-tech biotechnology companies.