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Technology Innovation Management System

Vland Biotech utilizes its team of foreign and domestic professionals to push its innovation capabilities to new limits. Managed by a technical committee composed of top-level management and technical specialists and with IPD as its core concept, Vland has set up a project management system to organize employees and resources and meet research objectives in a timely and efficient manner. 

Dr.Huaming Wang Chief Scientist
Ph.D. on Cell, Virus and Molecular Biology from University of Utah , USA
“Tai Shan” Scholarship; Member of Council for Qingdao Oversea Talent Association
Awarded “Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award” in 2003 from EPA, USA
Used to work for Genencor, a Danisco Division as Senior Researcher
30 American patents,5 European patents and 53 Chinese patents authorization.

  • World-class energy efficiency
    Core Technology