Vland Biotech Group animal probiotics contribute to the well-being and balance of animal and plant health while ensuring the inputs into the human food supply meet consumer demand for safe and high-quality food. Vland Biotech Group uses an efficient and innovative production process to reduce costs and to guarantee the stability of probiotic preparations, even in unstable environmental conditions. To achieve these lofty ambitions, Vland Biotech Group cooperates with renowned universities and research institutes both within China and abroad to conduct product testing and ensure product quality, efficacy and stability. Vland Biotech Group has many years of experience in the development of animal and plant probiotics.  Our R&D and application labs are focused on developing and testing new formulations, production methods and applications which aim to provide effective solutions for the sustainable development of the animal husbandry and farming industries.

•Vland Biotech Group was one of first companies to begin producing probiotics for commercial applications
•Currently has some of the most advanced bio-fermentation equipment and production processes in the nation
• ISO-9001、FAMI-QS-certified within the probiotics industries

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