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Vland and ADM Work Closely as ADM Opens New Enzyme Lab

Time:2020-09-28    Clicks:94

At the end of 2017, Vland Biotech Group andArcher Daniels Midland Company (ADM) signed a joint development agreement(JDA). Under the JDA, the two companies, with the help of Vland’s leadingcapacities for technological innovation, the development of microbial strainsand the establishment of protein expression system as well as ADM’s productionprocess and post-processing expertise, agreed to jointly develop enzymeproducts, establish R&D center in China and US, and work together forglobal commercialization. On January 18, 2018, Vland and ADM officially signedthe JDA in Qingdao and held the opening ceremony of the “Joint Research Centerof Enzymes".


On April 23, 2018, witnessed by Robb Davis,Mayor of Davis, California, U.S., ADM Chairman Juan Luciano, ADM Senior VicePresidents Vikram Luthar and Todd Werpy, Vland President Chen Gang, and VlandChief Enzyme Scientist Dr. Wang Huaming participated in the unveiling ceremonyof ADM’s new enzyme lab.


Juan Luciano, Chairman of ADM, said,"ADM is implementing a global R&D system. This lab is the firstR&D center established in California. It can enhance the ability of ADM andVland to cooperate in the development of animal feed enzymes.”


Vikram Luthar, ADM president, Health &Wellness, said,ADM is continuing to expand its health and wellness productportfolio, including animal feed enzymes. These important investments, alongwith our world-class research capabilities, our global footprint, and ourexisting portfolio of healthy ingredients, are helping to ensure that we arethe go-to solutions provider for customers.”


Chen Gang, President of Vland, said,“Enzyme industry is developing fast with bright prospects and huge markets. Theunveiling ceremony today marks a milestone in the cooperation between Vland andADM. It is also a crucial step for Vland to expand the US and global markets.We look forward to working closely with ADM in enzymes."


Robb Davis, Mayor of Davis, pointed outthat food safety was of great importance, and enzymes could work as aneffective solution for overnutrition and denutrition. He also mentioned thatDavis could provide a good R&D environment as it was home to a number ofcolleges and biotech companies.