Poultry Drug

National High Technology Enterprise
In the Top 50 Enterprises within the Chinese Veterinary drugs Preparation Production Industry
one of the earliest enterprises to get GMP acceptance from the Ministry of Agriculture

The company has 10 production lines including powder, premix, feed additives and additive premix feeds, Chinese traditional medicine powder, granules, small capacity final sterilization injection (liquid drugs injection), oral liquid, liquid disinfectant and solid disinfectant.

Cutting-edge veterinary drug research continues to deliver numerous products to the market. More than a dozen national and provincial scientific research achievements have been widely incorporated into production.

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Anti-parasitic drug

    Our line of anti-parastic drugs provides both short-term and long-term treatment options. Whether the task is protecting animals against parasites or killing existing, we have selected pick tried and effective drugs to combat parasites.


Antiviral drugs

    New preparations are safe for the environment and produce no pollution,
    In order to improve the body's immune system and to achieve the goal of virus evasion, we optimize traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Pure Chinese medicine is safe for both the animal and the environment.


    Disinfectants have awide bactericidal spectrum, strong bactericidal capacity and have the addedbenefits of being fast-acting with low toxicity and irritation, and no environmentalpollution.

Nutritional drugs

    According to various livestocknutrient requirements, various vitamins, amino acids and trace elements can beadded to enhance livestock immunity and reduce stress.

Vland is a global diversified company, committed to innovation enzymes, probiotics, vaccines and animal bio-medicine and other fields, and promote the challenge "ecomagination" and "healthymagination" difficult to deal with the world. Innovation comes from the great tradition Vland  mission, biotechnology restore the ecological world. Committed to the development of bio-industry, to create a world-class high-tech biotechnology companies.