Food enzymes

KDN’s line of food enzymes supports the development of a healthy food industry.With an in-depth understanding of the core processes and issues facing the industry, KDN has been able to directly pursue the development of target enzymatic solutions. 

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    -First Generation Pulp Enzyme: Super Juice Yield
    -Second Generation Pulp Enzyme- Viscosity Improvement


    Xylanase- Significantly improve viscosity
    Glucanase: Improved Stability
    Neutral protease

Functional Sugar


    •Hemicellulase: Increase bread volume
    •Fungal amylase: Increase bread volume
    •Lipase: Enhance flour whiteness
    •Glucose oxidase: Improve flour quality


Vland is a global diversified company, committed to innovation enzymes, probiotics, vaccines and animal bio-medicine and other fields, and promote the challenge "ecomagination" and "healthymagination" difficult to deal with the world. Innovation comes from the great tradition Vland  mission, biotechnology restore the ecological world. Committed to the development of bio-industry, to create a world-class high-tech biotechnology companies.