Industrial Enzymes

KDN’s entryintothe field of industrialenzymes aligns with Vland’s overarching vision of benefiting the earth by biotechnology.Through the development and promotion of bio-based enzymatic solutions, chemically-intensive, high-polluting, energy-consuming and water-wasting industries can be transformed into more sustainable operations.
From the initial launch into this field,ourteamhas been engaged inthe research and developmentof innovative andcost-effectivebiologicalsolutions.Our success is derived from KDN’s outstandinghuman resourcesandstate-of-the-artresearch and innovationplatform which together facilitate thedevelopment of technologically advanced products which are unmatched in quality and competitive in price.
KDN’s industrial enzyme product offerings lend solutions to a diverse range of industries includingbut not limited to the textile, paper, washing and leather industries. By engaging withcustomers andindustrystakeholders directly, our application research team continues to discover green solutions for traditional production methodswhich promise a pipeline full of exciting and innovative enzymatic products for years to come! By working together with you, we can graspthe market and greatly increase or competitiveness within the market!

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    The textile industry has traditionally been one of the biggest environmental offenders making the reduction of carbon emissions and the increasing the sustainability of the industry of utmost importance. KDN is dedicated to developing biologicalsolutionswhich either replaceorpartially replacetraditional chemicaltreatment methods which in turn reduceenergy andwater consumption,and the use ofhazardouschemicals.

Pulp & Paper

    The paper industry facesincreasing pressureto reduce its environmental impact and detrimental production externalities. Such pressure creates ample opportunities for KDN to develop cost-effectivebiologicalsolutions whichreduce energyand water consumption and the use of toxicchemicals.


    As environmentalawareness increases, the leather clean up its act.Cleaner productionprocessesare imperative.KDN is committedto reducing pollution and resourceconsumption by finding ways to replace existing chemical processes with greenerindustrialenzymesolutions.


Household Care

    Rapid economicdevelopment during the past few decades has made China the world’s largestproducer of detergents. Green-cleaning, power on!


Vland is a global diversified company, committed to innovation enzymes, probiotics, vaccines and animal bio-medicine and other fields, and promote the challenge "ecomagination" and "healthymagination" difficult to deal with the world. Innovation comes from the great tradition Vland  mission, biotechnology restore the ecological world. Committed to the development of bio-industry, to create a world-class high-tech biotechnology companies.